Welcome to Betty in Vintage Land

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You have reached a very, very special shop. This is the bottom line.
Each garment in this store is hand-picked - special and beautiful.

Every garment is one of a Kind.
Each garment is unique.

I express myself through clothes.

The best way I know to express my unique way is vintage .


"Betty in Vintage Land" is a vintage clothing boutique, located in a very small place by the name of Ani'am, in the center of the Golan Heights, in the north of Israel.

Betty is also an online store that sells the most unique vintage clothing in Israel.

Betty, and especially its "terrace" is also a community that loves and cares for women, in the Golan, and out on the virtual space.

Betty has plenty of vintage items, unique and stunning.

Most of them are imported from abroad (especially Amsterdam).


Betty has a Facebook page and an Instagram profile, which you must follow, if you care for vintage fashion.
Everything presented on those channels can be purchased online.

We send clothes worldwide through a register air mail.
If you have any question – please don't hesitate contact me. 
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Betty country vintage - Online shop for vintage clothing second-hand
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