I decided to be brave and buy an expensive car

Text I wrote on our Facebook page Betty on 03/13/18

"what it? That what we have now a picture of the car as well. 
Right. Not related to vintage. And yet. 

Last May, when I left my job, one of the most painful was to return the keys to the car company pampering . 
Car company this lock of golden cage you figure that when you are an employee disgruntled about his life. 
at least for me it was so. 

as it happened, the same day that I returned the vehicle, got my brother a car as a gift. 
Suzuki Balneo 2000, going terrific, highlight - Radio tape. without tapes, by the way. 
at the time I thanked lots and lots about this. 
it is so called me the feeling that enveloped me, and still is, of when you do something accurate to Bible, the entire universe supports you. 
Wow, I got a car traveling (even with insurance spoiling for a long time), free, precise timing. support. 

Ammh, the store's business model has changed, and created a situation of multiple trips to the center, and plowed Suzuki shape, and I have changed and I found myself longing for pampering the modern automobile. 
In addition, I am tired of tape recorders and three recordings with time I managed to gather. 

I am a man of music, I have to mix my cloud over the whole day, mobile communication mast speakers this for me. 
Replace the new radio did not have power in this car, and regardless, Suzuki is already tired, and yesterday she went even further and began to shake uncontrollably. 
Nice but less for me. 

So I decided. Otto innovative and renewed. 
And I decided that this time, I do not buy a bank account, but buy my desire and my needs. 
That and voila, I deserve what I want and need. 
I decided that whatever the cost, I can handle it, and I want to write a minute. 

The last year has taught me that money is an illusion. 
He only digits, and I? I'm more attached to the words. 
This year I realized that all my life progress can only be made a decision, not a gift. 
Only I lead my life where I want and when I decide something happens, it happens. 
More correctly be happy in my choices, and dare to choose, than to sit with economic anxieties in a dark room. 
Mainly realized in depth of the worn, without risk there is no chance. 

For example, if I will wait until I have the money to Otto so I guess I should wait for a long time and in the meantime I will go over Jalopy (but before you  ☺️), and on the other hand, if I get up the courage to buy a car like that, it bumps have the capabilities of Betty . for example. 
Venture will give a chance. 

In the last year I've grown eggs each time venturing more and more. 
This year has prepared me for now. Today morning. Than to take a decision to buy a vehicle that is beyond L'mast, which has self-indulgence and encouragement to myself. That has a dimension of love myself. 
Of living. Fucking live. 
Basic, is not it? 

So before I determine a fact. This car of mine. 
Have to pay for it? completed. What is the problem. 

This year I showed such a sharp sharp (Ashkara can be cut away) I I I I I create reality. 
Which is totally dependent on me. 
If need to create a situation where required to recruit so many dollars a month to pay for this vehicle, 
then so be it. 

Full and complete freedom to have this knowledge, the creation of reality, that's what I wanted to say. 
My life changed dramatically because of this news. 

This. I do not know what I was urgent to write it, but it was. Perhaps it goes without saying for some women, maybe someone then it will come straight in the forehead, at the intersection where it is now. 

I ordered today my new luxurious car, such as picture hunk Betty leads. 
For the first time without grind it myself too. 
Without Akslim with calculations of possible scenarios, without thinking where I will restrict to afford it. 
For the first time buy vehicles from a sense of abundance. Of competence, creativity. Of confidence that everything will be fine. 
And that, Ladies, freedom. 

(It's all for a new sticker. Clearly therefore, right?) 

Good evening expensive  ❤️ wish therefore continued day  # Taofhatzmit  similar 

 - with Bula Lev . "
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